Monday, February 16, 2015


IMG_6873-1Bring on that SNOW. ICE. SLEET. RAIN. SUB-ZERO TEMPS. you name it... bad weather #snowpocalypse - I'm ready for ya and so is #EGPkitchen !!!
Nothing better than a messy winter day spent inside wearing PJ's and slippers... cuddling with puppies... watching NETFLIX & cooking up a storm! Cause that's what we do in the south... COOK!

I decided that this morning called for my favorite pumpkin pancakes with pumpkin butter, dried cranberries, & ginger almond granola from Trader Joe's. Of course you have to have bacon with pancakes so... #thathappened and it was fabulous! Thick hickory smoked bacon NOT over cooked... I really don't like crispy bacon.

IMG_6860  IMG_6863
A 1.5 hour nap, a shower, a face mask, and 3 NETFLIX Law & Order SVU episodes later... it's time for round 2!

Every good southern woman knows that winter storms are bigger than milk and bread... I mean really. Who started that horrible lie and tradition of running to the store for two of the most perishable food items in the world. (Not to mention one is refrigerated and if your power goes out - you're screwed... unless you put it outside in the snow/ice/sludge). Just saying... what other days of the year do you just have milk and bread in case of a life threatening emergency. NEVER. But you should always have some frozen meat and random beans, corn, and tomato sauce in your pantry!!! Cause when life throws you snowballs... you can make some chili! OBVI!!!

I chose to go for a MEAT & 5 BEAN CHILI approach tonight...
I had a package of 99% lean ground turkey meat, added 6 strips of bacon chopped/torn, and 4 spicy sausage patties to my EMERIL pot with a little bit of EVOO.
I browned that and then added 1 chopped bell pepper, 3 cloves of chopped garlic, 1 chopped jalapeño, 1/2 red onion chopped, and a packet of spicy chili seasoning mix.
I then added:
2 cans of organic tomato sauce, 1 can of sweet corn, 1 can of black beans, 1 can of kidney beans, 1 can of northern beans, 1 can of spicy chili beans, and 1 can of pinto beans covered and let simmer on LOW LOW LOW for around 2 hours till we were ready to eat. I checked the pot for sticking every 30 min or so.
Top with Sriracha, lite sour cream, fresh parsley, and jack & cheddar cheese!

ENJOY! You will stay cozy and warm and SO much more satisfied eating this than eating bread cereal! Whatever that is!


Best part of this entire meal... My Instagram post was liked by none other than EMERIL himself! #BAM! #tagsdowork


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

On Tuesday (sometimes) we have salad!

IMG_6743The next FOODIE blog for #EGPkitchen is here! I lucked out at... you guessed it - TRADER JOE'S! I decided that this Tuesday called for a bit of spring - salad, that is since the majority of the country is under gray skies and winter weather. Nashville has been dreary all morning, but as soon as I made this salad the sun came out and now I'm heading out the door to hike the park with my Ginger girl.
First I will leave you with the "how-to" #DIY on this amazing lunch - A twist on a beet salad...

You will need the following:
  • BEETS - BEETS ARE NOT SCARY. Your fingers may get stained, you could splatter juice on your clothes, and yes, your pee may even run red or pink (do not be alarmed), but beets are not to be avoided at all costs. There are too many amazing meals waiting for a good beet!
    • I get a bag from TJ's or buy them at the farmer's market by the bunch (stalks need to be trimmed or cut off). It's great to roast beets at night, then chill them to have anytime you want for snacks or salads!
    • Rinse the beets (no need to peel - peels are a source of fiber and very tender). Place in foil and cover with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil, himalayan sea salt, and ground pepper. Wrap up and place on a baking pan in the oven on 450 for 40 min or until a knife pierces easily.
    • Place beets AND the juice / EVOO mixture collected in the foil into a Tupperware container or Pyrex covered dish to store in the fridge (The extra juice and EVOO will become your salad dressing base ).
  • PANCETTA - sauté with a little extra himalayan sea salt, ground pepper, and the rest of the "dressing" (beet juice & EVOO) into the pan and heat/cook on simmer/low for 12 min or so.
  • MIXED GREENS - rinse & drain greens
  • FETA CHEESE - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the TJ's Feta in Brine... i used 3 slices of the cheese to criss-cross as an accent.
  • BLOOD ORANGES - 1/4 of an orange for additional garnish and "dressing"
  • BALSAMIC - I used TJ's Balsamic to garnish the salad once plated.
  • ENJOY!!!
  • LET ME KNOW - how your version turns out in your kitchen!
IMG_6733 IMG_6735IMG_6736IMG_6738IMG_6739IMG_6742

Monday, February 9, 2015

The "Biggest Night in Music"... #GRAMMYs #redcarpetradio

What an amazing time at the "BIGGEST NIGHT IN MUSIC" - The 2015 #GRAMMYs ! Here's a bit of a re-cap on the goings on behind the scenes with #redcarpetradio and #NASHtv LIVE from the Staples Center and NOKIA Plaza in Los Angeles, CA!

I had the chance Thursday to sit down with a leading lady in Country Music - Grammy winner and 2015 Grammy nominee, LEE ANN WOMACK! Her hair is everything! LOVE! And just out of curiosity, why does my waist come to everyone else's bust line?!

GET IT GIRL!!! Go Miranda Lambert!!! This country diva took home the coveted Grammy for BEST Country Album and gave a KILLER LIVE performance of her new single, "Little Red Wagon" on the CBS telecast last night! I talked to Miranda on Friday morning on #redcarpetradio and she said the secret to her style through the years is that she has learned to dress for her shape, not her dress size! #GIRLPOWER #beYOUtiful !

BIG CONGRATS to THE BAND PERRY on becoming GRAMMY WINNERS for the very first time! They won for Best Country Duo/Group Performance category for Glen Campbell's "Gentle On My Mind". They stopped by to talk with me about when they first remembered dreaming of a GRAMMY... "It was 8-10 years ago and we were watching Alicia Keys perform on the broadcast and we looked at each other and said, I don't know when or how, but we've got to get here! We are so honored!"

THE MAN OF THE HOUR...  SAM SMITH. What a night for him. You get your first Grammy presented by none other than Taylor Swift and you go on to win 4 Grammy's TOTAL! WOW Congrats, Sam... well deserved. I have enjoyed your album as part of the sound track to my life in 2014! Can't wait for more music!

I joined co-hosts, Ty Bentli & Kerri Kasem for all things #redcarpetradio and we had a blast!
Some of the entertainment personalities and stars that sat down with us...
Big Sean (Ariana Grande's BF) and BASTILLE were two of my favorite interviews!
IMG_6557 FullSizeRender

Got to hang at Charli_XCX's Grammy party on Friday night at the SOHO House in LA.
Had an interviews with Charli_XCX on Saturday. She's SO talented - singing, writing, and producing all her own music!!!
Sleepy Hollow's Headless Horseman played by Neil Jackson & FUN's (& Lena Dunham's BF) Jack Antonhoff.
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The BEAUTIFUL Deborah Cox & Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz.
Renee Lawless of the Haves & Have Nots on OWN and Andy Grammer #gottakeepyourheadup !
Christina Milian - love her!  Hailee Steinfeld from Pitch Perfect 2.
RtehuKNMZi7W56yZmc3870VKcu_RnAl9ps4hpVXmQe8,4O45Upq3f2s2VH_w1nLfVGON1iuK_B5Cdmr0ZlTaEnE SKR6JOH_SBltYAgLTvB33VFEU6Fj1ddVCFGJKnPJjsY,QevZ72eIMX87FF1k0jLVjE8077_kMGU6olA4opBH5dI

One of my favorite interviews over the weekend was LECRAE. He took home his 2nd GRAMMY EVER for BEST Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song for his track "Messengers".
He celebrated Jesus with his win saying, "You can't celebrate gifts without celebrating the giver of all gifts."

Overall I was thrilled with the entire show. Things this year were more uplifting and honoring to music as a craft and as a whole in my opinion. The collaborations were SO beautiful and simplified in terms of set construction and "the to-do" of typical Grammy performances (with maybe the exception of SIA & Madonna).
I loved Beyonce's acceptance speech and that she thanked God, husband, family, and fans in that order and her performance of "Precious Lord, Take My Hand" - the Gospel standard written by the Reverend Thomas A. Dorsey was breathtaking!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Room with a view...

Room with a view... and it's FABULOUS!!!

Photo Jan 17, 4 48 01 PM

It's been 2 weeks since I moved into a new apartment... complete with 1000 additional square feet, a kitchen island, 2 solid walls of windows, wrap around balcony, the most amazing walk-in closet I have ever enjoyed and a roommate named India! She's from Texas and is an awesomely talented musician, graphic designer for several music artists in town, world traveler, straight up hustler when it comes to work, and we both like to workout! She's also got a super sweet Pomeranian named Paprika, "Papi" for short, and I can't help but feel that 2 spicy little dogs are just the right combo for our new space. Papi and Gigi (Ginger) are sure to be a hit on the blog in weeks to come.

399521_3421879796271_957760532_n1914204_1106838001673_7321710_n ginger-55
Here's a little bit of the journey and photos of the nesting process! From the outside, inside, up close and personal... here's the progress on #EGPglitter and all things style and decor!!! Not to mention... the best view in town! More to come... So thankful and blessed to call Music City HOME!!!
Photo Jan 13, 9 19 00 AMPhoto Jan 13, 10 05 53 AM
Photo Jan 13, 10 05 59 AM
Photo Jan 19, 12 29 17 PMPhoto Jan 19, 12 31 45 PMPhoto Jan 20, 6 23 20 AMPhoto Jan 18, 8 45 26 AM Photo Jan 18, 8 22 32 AMPhoto Jan 18, 8 36 35 AM
I absolutely LOVED having the first of many girl's nights last Friday evening. My friends joined India and me for oven seared wild Alaskan salmon with balsamic mixed greens salad, and ginger carrot soup!
Photo Jan 30, 7 32 14 PM Photo Jan 30, 7 32 26 PMPhoto Jan 31, 10 34 57 AMPhoto Jan 31, 10 34 29 AMPhoto Jan 31, 10 34 39 AMPhoto Jan 19, 11 43 10 AM
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