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Find your #FUSION

Hey guys, gals, friends, fans, strangers, dangers… you name it! I mean, how do you REALLY find a blog and fall in love with it, right!? Glad you’re here! If this is your first visit to www.ErikaGracePowell.com AKA: my blog, thanks for the click!  

Some background on me... I proudly hail from the great state of South Carolina where we boast both beaches and mountain hideaways within about three hours of one another. 

I am now located and love living in Nashville, Tennessee where I work in none other than Country Radio - living and breathing all things Music City Entertainment! I am frequently found on a red carpet and heard in over 30 markets nationwide on air in the morning on Cumulus Media’s NASH FM – America’s Morning Show @americasmorning !

My new year’s resolution was to blog at least 30 times by the end of 2015. 
30... for my 30th year of life. I figured why hide the number. 
*I’ve been listening to you, Jennifer Aniston… coming for that Aveeno so I can look like a million bucks at 40+!! BAM! Prettttttty sure she’s using more than Aveeno, that's just a guess.

I was trying to decide on a theme for this blog and felt like I could go a dozen different directions. Thinking about topics, I found a common word to describe how I target each theme in my life... I am HUGELY a fan of melding things together, making it work, combining effort and energy, blending tastes, textures, styles and ideas to get something unique.

It's all about...

noun: fusion; plural noun: fusions
  1. 1.
    the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.
    synonyms:blend, blending, combinationamalgamation, joining, unionmarrying,
    bonding, merging, melding, mingling, integration, intermixture,intermingling,

If you know me at all, you know that I am wear many hats. I have VERY diverse friend groups, life interests, skills, hobbies, resume, tastes... I am the one to live juxtaposed to almost everything in life! I am the friend who's least similar to my other friends at varying points in life... off leading and doing my own thing. 

"Where are your pearls? You wear a lot of black." 

Hey... I’m edgy and unconventional but timeless and classic all at the same time. It’s risky, rare, but really doable!
"How are you great at doing make-up and yet, you like to shoot guns or workout?" 

There are four areas of my life where I have gained and garnered familiarity and expertise in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I thought this blog would be the perfect place to talk through some of the bullet points I find in these four areas of FUSION!

FENG SHUI – Décor. Design. Decisions.

Ballin' on a Budget! Be BOLD. Be YOU!
Spray paint is your friend. DIY. Repurpose. Thrift Shop. 

* You will eventually need to purchase a hand-held sander!

* Each item in your house should have two homes! If you buy a killer cowhide rug, think about how it could be used in multiple rooms!

* Designing on TREND is TEMPORARY!

* Create moments of fusion with textures and styles from the decades!

* One of my go-to design ideas is combining crystal and delicate fixtures / features with mixed-metal and rustic items. Like my Longhorn skull above my quilted black and white bed. Or deer sheds (antlers) that I spray painted white tucked around candlesticks on my 1960's vinyl and lucite dining room table!

FASHION – Brands. Basics. Bravery.
Brands: statement – invest – one big ticket item makes a  diff in your outfit (seen or unseen)

Basics: Undies. Bras. Jeans, Shoes. Leather Jacket. Trench Coat.

*Speaking of JEANS... You have to check out - BEIJA FLOR - www.ILoveTheseJeans.com 
One of the things I share in common with Oprah! She listed them as one of her favorite things and they are certainly one of my closet staples! The fit is for a woman's body! They don't stretch out when you wear them, they come in a variety of colors, and they don't gap in the back making for a super comfy wear!

Bravery: do one thing in every outfit that scares you/a pattern/a piece of jewelry
The thing you may debate over in front of the mirror is your IT! Let it stay… It could be a statement necklace, or a bright color, or even make-up add-ons like lashes, or bold lips.

*Dress for your SHAPE, not your size!
I think this is a HUGE misconception especially among women... 
Your shape will not change... your SIZE may! If you're a pear, or an apple, or an hourglass, or a boyish shape "straight"... you will more than likely gain and lose weight down your body... not creating a different or new shape, but a new size.

Girls love to find new "designs/trends" that are in and are quick to adopt 'the look' regardless if it makes them look any better. Find YOUR character. Don’t be a cookie cutter!

* look for less – always
* don’t be afraid to invest!
I have items in my closet from 8th grade because they are quality!

FOOD – Portion. Presentation. Pairing.
Portion: You are what you eat! Life is NOT a diet! It’s LIVING! 
You should never say, "I Can't Eat That!" You can eat anything... just use portion control!

Presentation: This IS everything! You will NEVER regret using linen napkins at a dinner party!

Pairing: FLAVAFLAV! Textures. Temps. Citrus. Salty. Savory. Tart

Don’t measure unless you are baking!
Trust yourself – don't forget to taste!

A great goal for a dinner party... teach each other something!
Décor tricks
Great knives
Tricks for shopping

Follow my #EGPKitchen for recipes and cooking ideas! One day I would love to have a +Food Network show like Giada De Laurentiis!


FITNESS – Fun. Fuel. Friends.
FUN: Enjoy the journey! 
The only person you’re competing against is the version of YOU from yesterday! #BeYOUtiful
Soon it won’t feel like a chore, but a lifestyle choice!
BE better for YOU... for your family... for the ONE life you have to live! LIVE FULLY!

FUEL: Achieve your personal best each day! 
Pushing yourself to be the best version of YOU is rewarding and it fuels your determination to give it your all because you reap the results. The pain vs. gain ratio is equal in a fitness environment. What you put in, you will get out of the relationship! Maintain your goals!

FRIENDS: Be accountable!
Working out with friends doesn't seem like work... get accountability from someone who pushes you in an area and you can encourage them as well. When you’re accountable with friends you challenge yourself more! Great convos on hikes are my favorite ways to spend an afternoon. Before you realize it, you've walked 14K steps on your FitBit and you're 1/2 way finished with your words for the day!!!

Commitment is KEY!
PETS & PLAYLISTS help the time pass!

Some of my favorite products:

LULULEMON - I know it's $$$ but holy cow... This brand fits better than any other workout gear I have tried and I have tried a LOT! Sizes are tricky as the number on the tag will most likely be greater than your average store brand size. Their employees are knowledgeable and super helpful, so if and when you have questions about fit etc... don't hesitate to ask!

TARGET - great for athletic socks and undies/sports bras! 

TJMAXX - You can get lucky on name brand gear at TJ's!!! Usually Tuesday is their re-stocking day so come mid-morning for the best and most organized store shopping experience!

When you’re stylish you push yourself harder...

GROUPON - "date around" as I call it... take the plunge on a Barre class, or yoga, or paddle boarding via Groupon! DO IT! It's fun to try something for a short amount of time to see if it's right for you.

CLASSPASS is one of my favorite memberships and it can be found in many big cities and has plans for expansion and growth so it may be in a city near you this next year.

FITBIT - The Charge HR: Track your calories, steps, heart rate, sleep cycles, & workouts.
Find me on FITBIT and let's do this together!

- Erika

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